Oct 25,13

We did not have a computer when I was a kid so all this is terribly new to me.  I was an adult when I learned that computers aren’t harmful…..mostly.   I say that in all fairness so you’ll know what you’re getting into if you decide to converse with me.  I’m an artist, not a technician, an engineer or a scientist.  When someone reads mathematics aloud to me, I see the most beautiful of images, some of which end up in paintings but I don’t necessarily think about what I would do with those lovely formulas if I was asked to apply them. When I see them, they are doing something a lot like dancing and that makes me happy so why would I want to put such joyful creatures to work. I’m especially fond of non-linear equations, prime numbers and certain tricky, yet playful, sequences.

And I am way yonder old fashioned.  When I get out my pen and inks, I unwrap a 19th C. cross-blade quill from a little wooden box where it is reverently wrapped in a piece of soft cloth.  I’ve never used anything mechanical, like an airbrush, in my work, but I did teach myself to apply 24K gold leaf to the paper by studying a book published in 1872.  That’s after I looked at a truly disgusting array of gold paints and pens until I was nauseated and decided that there had to be a better way to add a little metallic beauty to my work.  When in doubt, I always ask myself…. “What did people do before we had a world of plastic manufactured goop all around us to chose from.  Thus, when I need a pencil box, I make one out of painted leather or scraps of woods with spirals etched on the top.  It doesn’t occur to me to buy a plastic one and probably never will.

I truly love the world of living things, growing things, colors and images and objects that were born with the help of someone’s hands and spend a lot of their time being held in those hands, used and shared.  I think all of that shows in my work.  I’m entirely self-taught in the world of art, with the exception of all the things that I love that have been teaching me to see further and appreciate them more every day.   Elantu

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    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for stumbling onto me. I’m stumbling a bit too as you might have noticed. I just today figured out how to access these comments and answer them. The young lady that I paid to set up my site left to take a job in another city before she finished the site, or showed me how to use it. I’m an artist, not a computer specialist so this is really hard. Thanks for being there. Folks like you keep me trying. Elantu


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