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Every time I pick up a brush or pen to work, it is my intention to create a visual clue to inspire the viewer to examine their experiences and the life around them, both tangible and invisible and to find the beauty in the balance of these things. More than a simple work of art, I want to create enthusiasm for mystery and revelation. Curiosity and wonder are easier to share than a piece of painted paper in a frame and, in the long run, they are more nourishing. It’s like the difference in experiencing love and seeing a photo of a couple embracing. Hopefuly, my work can inspire someone to embrace curiosity and through it, find wonder on their own. My work does not pretend to have any pat answers or comforting homilies. I want to ask questions at the top of my voice and to inspire others to do likewise. Every question from…”What’s it like to be alive and do something besides slog towards towards the next paycheck?” to…. “If subatomic particles can be in two places or two times at the same time, where can I go to learn that?”

Oct 25,13

We did not have a computer when I was a kid so all this is terribly new to me.  I was an adult when I learned that computers aren’t harmful…..mostly.   I say that in all fairness so you’ll know what you’re getting into if you decide to converse with me.  I’m an artist, not a technician, an engineer or a scientist.  When someone reads mathematics aloud to me, I see the most beautiful of images, some of which end up in paintings but I don’t necessarily think about what I would do with those lovely formulas if I was asked to apply them. When I see them, they are doing something a lot like dancing and that makes me happy so why would I want to put such joyful creatures to work. I’m especially fond of non-linear equations, prime numbers and certain tricky, yet playful, sequences.

And I am way yonder old fashioned.  When I get out my pen and inks, I unwrap a 19th C. cross-blade quill from a little wooden box where it is reverently wrapped in a piece of soft cloth.  I’ve never used anything mechanical, like an airbrush, in my work, but I did teach myself to apply 24K gold leaf to the paper by studying a book published in 1872.  That’s after I looked at a truly disgusting array of gold paints and pens until I was nauseated and decided that there had to be a better way to add a little metallic beauty to my work.  When in doubt, I always ask myself…. “What did people do before we had a world of plastic manufactured goop all around us to chose from.  Thus, when I need a pencil box, I make one out of painted leather or scraps of woods with spirals etched on the top.  It doesn’t occur to me to buy a plastic one and probably never will.

I truly love the world of living things, growing things, colors and images and objects that were born with the help of someone’s hands and spend a lot of their time being held in those hands, used and shared.  I think all of that shows in my work.  I’m entirely self-taught in the world of art, with the exception of all the things that I love that have been teaching me to see further and appreciate them more every day.   Elantu